Our Story

Founded by five Architects in 2022, including the directors of award-winning practice Archier, Candour evolved from first-hand experience of shortcomings in the current design and construction process.

Currently, it’s challenging to build great buildings; that are well-crafted, sustainable and healthy to live in. From soaring prices to opaque processes, building great homes has become significantly harder over time.

As a group, we became frustrated observing how technology was improving efficiencies for many other industries, meanwhile, the construction industry was seemingly becoming slower and less efficient.

Through Archier, we began exploring different methods of prefabrication, like SIPs and CLT. While these products achieved great outcomes, the process of design and delivery resulted in more complications than traditional building, especially when working with offshore manufacturers and systems that were new to local trades.  

Seeing no option that improved both building products and processes, we decided to create the solution ourselves. Candour is an entirely new approach to prefabrication that improves every aspect of design and construction, making the delivery of high-quality and sustainable buildings straightforward for Architects and Designers, so more people can access the benefits of good design

Through Candour, we hope to leave a lasting mark on improving the way we design, build and live.

Our Team

Jas Johnston
Founder / CEO
Chris Haddad
Founder / Marketing Lead
Jon Kaitler
Founder / Production Lead
Josh FitzGerald
Founder / Technology Lead
Chris Gilbert
Founder / Innovation Lead

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